Elect Wesley Rice

My Pledge to You…


I pledge to support our community and the citizens of our county in the role of Douglas County Commissioner.

I pledge to bring my years of experience and expertise to the County Commission where I can have a stronger positive influence on the entire county to do the most good for the most people.

I pledge to work for understanding and communication between the lake, the valley, and the foothills to foster cohesiveness and further our common goals.

I pledge to represent the lake, the valley, and the foothills to the best of my ability while continuing to understand and support the wishes and needs of the county overall.

I pledge to preserve our “rural flavor” while understanding the need for managed growth to keep our county vital.

I pledge to be fiscally responsible and transparent in all my decisions.

I pledge to live by the moral and principled code which I have always lived by in both my personal and public life.

I pledge to support the Republican values and ideals which have made our country strong.

I pledge to maintain my devotion to God and country.

I pledge myself to you as a public servant of Douglas County.

Wes gives the invocation at the Donald Trump dinner in Lake Tahoe


Elect Wesley Rice


If elected, while serving on the County Commission, my focus will be to maintain our rural lifestyle while understanding that every county must have controlled growth to sustain itself. As District 4 Commissioner, I will be the voice of reason and common sense for the lake, foothills and those living in the valley.